My work demonstrates a long journey of self-exploration.
By peeling the skin layer by layer I get the core of myself; I try to express 
what I received and interpreted from my experiments.

Life is a contemplative creation by the universe that I am fascinated with. Wide as the universe, small as a cell, all talk about the origins of life. Every time, I analyze them, it is like an anatomy class of the world, then that gives me a great amount of information.

Now, what I focus on is about human skin, which has multifarious unique textures, several layers, or even some stories behind the scars or marks on the surface. However, because art is a personal view of explanation of the world, sometimes, works are misinterpreted by the audience. Therefore, it turned to be a challenge to me, since I am discussing something debatable that most people would not accept as beauty. But it is just the interesting part of the work. I attempt to offer people a place to reconsider what they are used to touch, and used to have.

The feelings I want to achieve in my pieces are quirky, fantastical, and surrealistic.  I focus on human skin, which is my main inspiration and it has multifarious unique textures, several layers, or even some stories behind the scars or marks on its surface. “Skin secret”, the title of my project, is about the “id” and “ego”. People usually use products or accessories to beautify themselves, or want to create an identity so that other people perceive them in a different way. Therefore, these possessions they hold or wear are like the “second skin”. Based on the main concept, I develop two bodies of work. The first one is constructed by body organs, which are recomposed positions of organs and skin. While in the concept-based series, there are dialogues between people and daily objects; in this way, the creation offers a thinking method to discuss human behaviors.

In my view, skin is soft but not as fragile as we think. Therefore, in “Skin secret”, one of the characteristics is juxtaposing the skin texture with metal structure, in order to create a conflicting image – hard and soft. I also pay attention to the visual effect and the feeling of texture for emphasizing the contrast between hair and skin tone.