Birmingham City University,
MA Jewellery, Silversmith & Related Product
2012 Birmingham, UK

College of Creative Studies
One Year Scholarship to Study Product Design
Major: Product Design
May 2011 Detroit, MI, USA

Fu Jen Catholic University
Bachelor of Art
Major: Metal Work
June 2010 Taipei, Taiwan





2013  Magic City June12-July 14 

           at Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco 

2013  From Chaos to Comprehension   June 8- June 22

           in Copenhagen, Danmark 


2012  Sieraad Art Fair  November 1- 4
            at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam

2012  Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair - 19-21 October 2012​

2012  London Design Festival, the Exhibition of ​Studio William Sweet    

           instruments of Desire, V&A, London, Sep 14th - 23rd 

2012  "CAST from DIFFERENT MOULDs" MA show,

           School of Jewellery,     Birmingham City University, Sep 8th - 26th 

2012 Joseph chamberlain sixth form college 4th Annual Art Festival

          2012    6&7 th July

2011 The Exhibition of MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study

           in  Arts and Design, 

2010 The Exhibition of Taoyuan County Government Cultural Affairs “The
          Moon” ”IX Amor”

2009 The Exhibition of National Metal Craft Contest“The Moon” ”IX Amor”
          Gold Ecological Park
2009 Young Designers Exhibition“The Temptation of Design” Works
          Name“The Moon”“The Stars” ”The Fire”
          Taipei World Trade Center, Department of Applied Art, Fu Jen    

          Catholic University
2008 Metalworking Exhibition“Twinkle, twinkle, little star”Works from 2006-
2008 Fu Jen Catholic University

2007 Metalworking Exhibition“1.618” Works from 2006-2007 Fu Jen  

           Catholic University

2012 Birmingham City University , School of Jewellery ,

          Graduate with Distinction​

2011 Studio William Sweet Instruments of Desire Selected

2010 Formosa Jewelry Design Selected
2010 MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design
2009 The Sixth Place of MOE Scholarship Program
2009 Trainee 2009 Technology and Creative design team camp,
          University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
2009 Acceptance
2009 Gold Ecological Park, National Metal Craft Contest,
          Utensils group Work Name: IX Amor
2009 Excellent Work
2009 Gold Ecological Park, National Metal Craft Contest, Jewelry Group
          Work Name: The Moon
2009 Bronze Medal
2009 Young Designers Competition, Craft Product Category
          Work Name: The Moon
2009 Pass the Preliminary Competition
2009 Taiwan Craft Competition, Traditional Group Work Name: The Stars,
          The Fire
2008 Special Jury Prize
2008 The First Session of RichJade jewelry design competition “The      

2008 -2009-2010 01 RichJade jewelry, outsourcing designer
2008 Pass the Preliminary competition
2008 Taiwan Craft Competition, Innovation Group
         Work Name: After the Blue Rain
2007 Pass the Preliminary Competition
2007 The Third Session of Yingge Ceramics Museum Ceramic Tableware
          Design,The Group of Pepper Cans Work Name: Rice
2007 Nominees top 20 2007 The First Session of Franz
         “Design Your Life, Promote Your Style”
          Work Name: Between Static and Dynamic
2006 The First Place 95 HBL National High School Basketball League
          The Championship Trophy and the Championship Rings with the    

          Design and Production
2003 Excellent Work National Aboriginal Totem Design Competition
2002 Excellent Top1 The First Session of The National Student Art Online




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