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Beauty is an essence, a true self which is presented from the inside to the outside. It can be compared to a fairy at night. Round is mature and staid, curve is attracting even soul-stirring. Sometimes beauty is like the stars in the night sky, so resplendent and glaring, and with its radiance of wisdom, it will last forever; sometimes it’s like appealing dance steps, full of passion but also comes along with dangerous fire, so sexy and so mysterious.  

My design concept is to adopt elements of our mother nature; I used stars, the moon and fire to symbolize different aspects of women beauty. It expresses a special image about attraction, and unifies the different material quality like enamel and acrylic, to transmit the brand-new design style of accessories. It is not only different from accessories with gems, but a brand-new section colored by life.

I really walked in the fantastic world of ceramic was when I learned the skill in Detroit, MI. It did spent amount of time to be familiar with the emotion between my finger and the clay, which is a unforgettable experience to me. 

Works in BFA

The original place that trained me for learning the basic skills of metalworking.